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Wealth Distribution

Post retirement, there are those that are fortunate to reap the rewards of their persistent efforts to be financially prepared for this time in their lives.  The topic of wealth distribution includes two focuses, the timing and mode by which an individual’s savings and investment assets are received in retirement and also the manner in which it is to be left for successive generations.

The timing with which a client’s retirement savings and investment assets are liquidated is something that we take into account early on.  This is important to think about in the earlier stages as this timing and the implications associated with it can be product specific. In working with our clients to select quality products that can work for their situation we will take these implications into consideration whether it concerns their tax liability among other things.

Also for many, there is an importance placed on the savings and investments being meant for a particular purpose.  Whether a client intends to save for a family member’s education or to gift funds to a charitable organization or a successive generation, these are things we can help with.  The spectrum of products we offer and the extent to which they can be customized can accommodate those needs.