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Keith Hanenberg |
It’s funny how life has a way of going full circle. When I was a child, mom and dad sat me down for a talk about “the birds and the bees.” Fortunately, my parents and I survived that experience relatively unscathed. Fast forward 30 years. I’m in my 40s while mom and dad are in their 70s. It was time for another “talk.” This one would be as awkward as when I was young. However...
When people decide that they need to eat healthier or lose weight, they know that they have to change their behavior. That’s easier said than done for most, which is why programs like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers are so popular; because they provide a system for automatically controlling portions and nutrition. More importantly, they provide an easy way to establish weekly goals, track activities and keep score for accountability. Within a few short months, eating...
Keith Hanenberg |
Most people couldn’t bear the financial hardships resulting from unexpected events, such as a major house fire, a car accident, a disability or the premature death of a family breadwinner, which is why one of the most important component of a sound financial plan should be your personal risk management strategy. Fully protecting your and your family’s financial future against the unexpected will help you to move forward with greater confidence in your wealth management...
PHOENIX — There are many reasons advisors want to target high-net-worth clients — more assets, for one. But firms looking to expand their wealthy client base need to come up with custom strategies for them, experts told attendees at a panel at Pershing's Insite conference. Read More