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Employee Benefits Services

Our intimate understanding of benefit packages and their intricacies allows us to educate our clients on their benefits and help them maximize the total compensation package that is offered by their employer.

Generally we review your options and based on your needs and budget, we make suggestions which are appropriate for your situation.  Reviewing stock options can also, at times, be a part of the process as we analyze our clients’ transition into retirement.

Introducing basic estate planning concepts such as the creation of a will or health care proxy can also be a part of the process, and we are able to provide guidance and access to outside advisors with expertise in these areas.

For more information, feel free to call our team at 201.626.6688.

Financial Advisors do not provide specific tax/legal advice and this information should not be considered as such. You should always consult your tax/legal advisor regarding your own specific tax/legal situation.