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COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Clients

We hope you are well!  As we are sure you know, we are living in historic times and have entered uncharted territory.  The reason for our email today is simple: you don’t need to panic.  
Our role in this uncertain time is not limited to managing your investment and insurance portfolios, but also to help you manage your cash and put a plan in place to prepare for a potential sudden change in income.  Resources can become strained and need to be utilized as effectively as possible.  
To take every precaution possible, we are offering live videoconferencing in lieu of in-person meetings for anyone concerned about the novel coronavirus.  It’s a “virtual face-to-face” meeting, where we can see each other using the camera feature, but we can also display our screen to show you reports and documents.  One can never be too careful.   We especially urge our older clients to use this feature out of an abundance of caution. 
We also understand that many people you care about may be nervous or confused about current events and the potential effects on their financial wellbeing.  For this reason, we are also extending a complimentary no obligation live videoconference to any friends, family, or colleagues of our current clients to help explain recent market events and aid them in preparing to weather this storm.  
Please let us know of a few times that you are available for a call or videoconference.  
Thank you very much, be safe, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!
1120520  3-2020